Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to Become a Professional Gamer

Comparatively more people play video games these days. It is because most people now have a computer and laptop at home. Not only that they play video games online other than offline,  it is because whoever have desktop or laptop at home have access to internet most of the case. Obviously by having a desktop or laptop and by connecting yourself to internet you can get satisfy able gaming experience. And it can also serves multiple demands of the people. And the wonder is that most of the game now is trad-able or have some feature to p[lay in multi-player mode in the course of people demand. People now sale their character after making them strong and wealthy or enjoy playing online over and over in a gaming server, sometime those server announce some prize among the player.

But people find it difficult in the beginning understanding the game because the gaming platform are harder and has more feature that only 4th generation or the brilliant folks can understand them. In this can the walk-through guide , software or eBook may be a time saver.

Also some other things need to be follow which I am mentioning bellow.

 a) You need to make sure you have a good internet connection. Because as we are talking about online games, so it is a common issue that you are playing online and about to complete a level and at that crucial moment your internet connection do not interrupt you and can offer you both smooth speed and uninterrupted connection.

b) Get all the available equipment ready for you. If you are using a keyboard or mouse which is not so smooth and sensitive then you will fail to make easy stroke in your keyboard or your mouse may not move well. Beside remember that some game may require joystick as because that is designed to give better result with joystick

c) Last of all practice and spend as much time you get in your leisure time. Because the right tips and guides are not all for your success but you need to apply them with perfection. You may not follow the tips that other gamer used in the game if you don’t have enough skills like them.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ownership Advantages of Video Game Strategy Guide

The video game is becoming popular to all ages. And for that reason the gaming industries are releasing games for all range of aged people such as teenager, adults and so on. And therefore we are seeing that there are many 2d and 3d games with 3 dimensional environment and 3d objects in the game along with the requirement of complicated controls command and high skill inside the game.
Some time there are such difficulties in the game that the gamers become in need for tricks or tips to promote their selves to the upper level or stage. Also they become in need for the guides for each level to find a shorter and smarter way to perform. Therefore we come into the subject of Video Game strategy Guide.

It is not hidden to public anymore that most MMORPG and Multiplayer game now have hidden maps and walk-through other than the normal maps and game controller commands and that is why the public look for the video game strategy guide to be published by the official game company or sometime unofficial publishers. But an official or unofficial publisher doesn’t make any difference unless they are enriched with info and up to-date upon times.  For example, some video game strategy publishers publish their guides in printed version. But sometime these video game strategy publishers are into rush to publish their strategy before even the developers had finished their tweaks and updates. So it makes complication and a backdated info for the gamers. So it is a better to try some pc video game strategy that are being served through online, either membership based or magazine version based. Because in this way a gamers can keep in touch with the new release which will be available in their member’s area time to time or they will get new magazine version which will cover the newest walk-through, hidden maps, and inventory discovered for them in the game.
You can check out few of the pc game strategy resource here:

Diablo 3 Secrets by Peng Joon

What is there actually in these video game strategy guides: Depending on the game it could be anything from the design of the levels and maps, location of special items, unlocking secret achievements or improvement in game play modes. Just think of it that you bought a new game and after spending countless hours you are making a slow progress or got stuck somewhere and cannot proceed any further. So in this case the game strategy will guide you breaking those puzzles by showing you the walk-through and solve it for proceeding in the next level of stage. Sometime there are special moves or cheat codes for the game which are known by the developers only. Above all whatever you got from the game will help you play better in the multi-player mode.
You probably heard of the special moves for "call of duty" game that helps in doing better performance while playing call of duty in multiplayer mode.

Or special places and walk-through in wow (world of warcraft) game where the gamers can earn lots of gold in every level which allow the gamer to upgrade and buy anything in the game. Or the beginners strategy for “mortal online” which build up a balanced character and let him stand well in the game. These are the tips and tricks which can be found in a video game strategy guide for enjoying the full benefit of its ownership.